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The Realm of Shadows



World Lore:

Earth, including all alternate dimensional variances of the same planet, exist on a middle plane, where humans predominantly exist. Lower planes primarily host demons, and higher planes host angels, for lack of a better word. The demonic state is ruled by base emotions and desires, the angelic state by a higher sense of spirit, and humans are a combination of both.

Generally speaking, the higher you go on the planar scale, the more spiritual it becomes, these beings do not have physical bodies but are rather a collection of energy held together by consciousness. Thus the lower you go, the more frighteningly demonic it becomes, to the extent of practically no higher thought.

The Realm of Shadows is a plane that exists in what book lore refers to as a "pocket dimension", sandwiched between a middle and lower plane. In these types of areas, while rare, it is possible for two primary beings to exist together.

A pocket dimension is an incomplete plane, existing like a slice of banana between two pancakes. It bends the space around it, causing it to by physically unstable and prone to collapse. The map above shows the world as it exists on a flat plane. The Shadow Realm is not round, because it is not a planet, and it is probably about the size of the continental United States.

The aforementioned "bending of space" is responsible for there not literally being an "end of the world" when you reach any given corner of the map. In fact there is really no way to tell where exactly it begins and ends, because spatially the world is a globe, although it actually has no physical curvature.

The Great Beast was likely a demon from a lower plane, and the depths are likely a "tear" in the plane, that is much more closely related to the lower planes. The Great beast probably originated from the depths, or randomly stumbled across it in a lower world and discovered the Realm of Shadows when it was still rather chaotic. He was also likely not Lucian's creator, and despite in-book lore, he is probably not actually an "Ancient Demon" like his "brothers", but more probably something entirely different.

In the Realm of Shadows, humans used to be considered a lower form of life - This changed drastically in the beginning of the current age when The Lord of Shadows gained complete control over the Realm, who was the first to recognize humans as equal beings and banned the enslavement of any intelligent life form. Many in the Realm of Shadows, particularly those loyal to the South, still view humans as disposable and do not approve of the Equality of Life laws put into place by the Lord of Shadows.

Before the current age, there was a period of time that lasted (approximately) 5000 years. Known as The Great Wars, this was a time of complete upheaval in the Realm, when the Ancients of the past fought against each other in pursuit of power.

It is important to note that the boundaries between each quadrant are "fuzzy", and no actual physical borders exist. The land formations and vegitation are highly influenced by the natural energy of its ruler, and often display general borderlines between each terretory. There is generally considered an area of no mans land between each quadrant where the energies of each Lord meet.





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